What can you benefit from Compressor Wheel?

2019-05-28 10:35:14

Compressor wheel is alsocalled working wheel. Generally, it consists of wheel disc, wheel cover andblade. Compressor wheel is the main component of turbo charger. Itnot only has high durability, but also has high dimensional accuracy, which isthe requirement of customers.

In addition, the size of Compressor wheel'sturbines and impellers determines the amount of air or exhaust that can flowthrough the system and the relative efficiency of their operation. Generallyspeaking, the larger the impellers of turbines and compressors, the larger theflow. The size and shape of the blade will be different, and the curvature andnumber of blades on the wheel will also be different.

Compressor Wheel's benefit is mainly embodiedin the following aspects:

Stronger Wheel:

By using compressor wheel, thereis no chance of minute air bubbles being in the mental. So, you don't need toworry about porosity issues.

Better Blades Design:

By using compressor wheel andmachined on a 5-Axis mill, the compressor wheel can be designed much moreaggressive, the nose and hub can be designed significantly smaller to allow fora greater blade diameter. And the blades can be made much more complicated toincrease blade surface area, which can flow more air into the engine.

Lower Engine Intake AirTemperature:

By using compressor wheel, thewheel can be machined much thinner. This allows the wheel to have a greaterefficiency range, because their is less blade thickness to contact the air andheat it up. It also means that with less blade thickness and lower hub areathat there is a greater area in-between the blades to squeeze more air andbuild boost presure. The more efficient a wheel is the lower the intake temps,and everyone knows the cooler the air going into the engine the more horsepoweryou can make!

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