Agriculture Turbocharger in China

Agriculture Turbocharger

 The common failures and prevention measures  of agricultural turbocharger
oil leakage is divided into a compression part of the oil spill and the exhaust port leakage , i'll show cent to narrate as follows.
One, compressor oil leakage

1.oil ring and a sealing ring is caused by the failure of oil spill
(1) Phenomenon
When the engine works, burning oil, smoke was blue, power without down phenomenon, open air compressor outlet and tube wall is stained with oil pollution.
Compressor oil ring and the front end of the sealing ring caused by the failure of oil spill.
(3) Method
Changing the o-ring and sealing ring.
2.Oil leakage caused  by the air filter clog
(1) Phenomenon
When the engine works, burning oil, smoke big power decreases.
In the air to be inhaled during the turbocharger, because a clogged air cleaner intake pipe, to increase the vacuum, air compressor inlet pressure is reduced, thereby causing the oil into the compressor, the air entering the cylinder combustion with bear.
(3) Method
Check and remove the intake resistance increases as the reason, clean or replace the air filter element.