Wheel turbine

2019-05-28 09:36:02

All of the turbines wheelsare manufactured using the vacuum investment casting process. Every wheel is subjected to x-ray testing and crack examination. This enables us to assure that casting flaws such as sink holes, inclusions and cracks are avoided. A chemical analysis of the alloy used for each casting run is carried out by our engineers. Additionally, a sample bar is cast, which is then used in tensile testing to determine the strength of the material. This way we are sure that the casting batch meets the strength requirements. We are then able to guarantee to our customers that we are delivering zero-defect turbine wheels.
Our turbine wheels are available in 66 mm, 70 mm and 85mm sizes. The 66 mm turbine wheel is normally used in jet engines with a thrust of between 80 and 120 N. The 70 mm turbine wheel is designed for use in jet engines with 140 to 180 N of thrust.