Aluminum casting Turbocharger turbine housing

2019-05-28 10:22:26

The turbocharger parts including Turbo Chra (turbo core / cartridge) , Turbo actuator valve, Nozzle Ring ,Repair  kit ,Compressor wheel,Turbine wheel,Turbine  shaft , Journal bearing ,Thrust collar,Bearing housing ,Turbine housing,Compressor housing,Bypass-valve and so on.

Details Information of Products:
1) Casting Material: A356, A355, ZL102, ZL104 etc.
2) Casting process: Sand casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting.
3) Machining and processing: Heat treatment, polishing, sandblasting, painting, electro-plating, chemical plating, etc.
4) Inspection equipement: Spectrum analysis instrument, metallurgical analysis, tensile strength tester, hardness tester, roughness tester, deflection tester, impact test machine, projector, altimeter, scale micrometer, pressure tester etc.
5) Applicable Heat Treatment: Normalization , annealing, quenching and tempering, Case Hardening, Nitriding, Carbon Nitriding, Induction Quenching.
5.pngThe aluminum casting turbocharge housing produced by gravity casting process:
The gravity casting means the part is injected by the earth's gravity. The generalized gravity casting includes sand casting, Metal mold casting (permanent mould casting), investment casting, Lost Foam Casting, Mud casting etc. The narrow meaning of gravity casting is metal mold casting (permanent mould casting). The permanent mold casting is modern technology that the mould made by heat resistant alloy steel. The metal liquid generally injected into the gate by manual. Full of cavity depend on weight of liquid metal, exhaust, cool, open mould and get products.

We are specialized in producing various kinds of Turbocharger turbine housing. Product attributes and pictures are for reference only. We complete processing according to the drawing and samples provided by our customers.