What is the kind of Vehicle turbocharger

2019-05-28 09:52:34

Vehicle turbocharger is mainly divided into three kinds:

1,Power turbine, engine output directly to a power end to the turbine, with intake supercharger.

2, The turbine exhaust gas, engine exhaust pipe will through a turbine, exhaust air to drive the turbine to rotate the turbine shaft, and the other end, with the installation of turbine inlet, also is the use of the flow of exhaust gas, promote the turbine inlet rotating, with intake supercharger. The most common is the turbocharger.

3, Hybrid turbine, both using the engine power output end, and the use of exhaust gas driven turbine power sources, there are two sources.

Since the turbocharger has been available, people often to undertake technical reformation, such as improve the processing accuracy, minimize the turbine and turbine chamber wall of the gapso that can  improve the energy utilization rate of exhaust gas. In the recent 30 years, the turbocharger has spread to many types of automobiles, which make up some of the naturally aspirated engine may be congenitally deficient, the engine without changing the working volume of the cylinder case can increase the output power of more than 10%, so many automobile manufacturing companies are using this technology to improve the output of the engine turbocharger power, to achieve high performance car.