Turbochargers Under Control

2019-05-28 09:56:36

Imagine running up five flights of stairs or just finishing one of those cross-country running tests in a high school physical education class … you find yourself gasping for air. That is what your engine experiences when you’re driving up those winding mountain roads or just getting on to the freeway.
        More and more of today’s automobiles are getting a boost of extra air and delivering increased performance due to turbochargers. Though turbochargers have been used in automobile, airplane and other engines for most of this century, only a decade ago “turbos” were considered more suited for “exotic” or strictly “high-performance” cars.       
     WUXI SHENG YI TURBO is a professional enterprise producing turbocharger and electric self-balance scooters.  We adopt vanguard technology positively from home and abroad, and have established the long-term technical cooperation with many well-known enterprises. We have passed ISO9001:2000 in September, 2004.