Turbocharger jet engine

2019-05-28 09:49:39

1 How a jet engine really works: 4 simple steps:
1) Compress air.
2) Release it into a partially enclosed space.
3) Heat it up.
4) Release it through a nozzle.

Turbocharger jet engines use commonly available parts to build a fully functional jet engine. A turbocharger has two of the three components required to build a jet engine, a compressor and a turbine. To complete the engine, a combustion chamber must be fitted between the outlet of the compressor and the inlet of the turbine. Turbocharger jet engines are relatively cheap to build as all of the parts can be found at auto wreckers or around the home.

2 the diffuser directs the hot compressed air and releases it into the combustion chamber. It's volume increases as the pressure and temperature go down.
3  fire increases the temp and pressure in the new volume! Get it? Now
4 (the nozzle) will determine the pressure and temp and flow rate as it's released



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