Turbocharger Misconceptions in Maintenance

2019-07-16 13:25:39

Myth 1: Change the oil at will

In terms of "drinking" engine oil, turbochargers are indeed more "delicate", in addition to a larger volume than ordinary natural aspiration engines, the requirements for oil products are also higher. Because the design of turbocharger is different from that of naturally aspirated engine, its main spindle adopts floating design. The main spindle is filled with oil between the turbine body and the main spindle. The whole spindle relies on lubricating oil to heat and lubricate. It is suggested that the owner should increase some investment in this area and replace the synthetic oil for the vehicle.


Myth 2: Put out the fire immediately at the destination

After long and high load operation of the engine, the owner must idle for several minutes before shutting down the engine, so that the parts can be effectively cooled and lubricated. The behavior of using a car immediately to stall will make the vehicle often idle at high speed. The problem is the same as sudden acceleration, which will damage the bearing of the vehicle.


Myth 3: Boom the throttle as soon as it starts

Increasing speed in a short time is a major feature of turbocharger, but this does not mean that the owner can treat the car rudely. In fact, it is easy to damage the oil seal of the turbocharger after the start-up. Turbocharged engine has a high speed. After starting the vehicle, the acceleration pedal can not be stepped on. It should idle for 3-5 minutes, so that the oil pump has enough time to transport the oil to all parts of the turbocharger. At the same time, the oil temperature rises slowly, and the flow is better. At this time, the acceleration will be "like fish getting water".


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