Turbocharger Fault handling

2019-07-12 15:47:25

Turbocharger is an important component used to improve engine power and reduce exhaust emissions. Due to improper use, maintenance and maintenance, the engine is prone to malfunction, resulting in the engine can not work properly. In this paper, some common faults and treatment methods of turbocharger are introduced as follows:


Phenomenon 1: Oil consumption is large, but the exhaust smoke color is normal and the power does not decrease.

Reason: This situation is usually caused by oil leakage.

Processing methods:

1. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the external oil pipes (including the inlet and return oil pipes of the supercharger) of the engine lubrication system are leaking.

2. Check whether there is any oil in the exhaust outlet of supercharger. If organic oil is used, the seal ring at one end of the turbine can be judged to be damaged. The seal ring should be replaced.


Phenomenon 2: Oil consumption is large, exhaust smoke is blue, but power does not decline.


Reasons: Due to the leakage of oil at the supercharger end, the engine oil enters the combustion chamber through the engine intake pipe and is burned out. There are several possibilities as follows:


1. The return tubing of the supercharger is not smooth, and the oil accumulates too much in the middle support of the rotor assembly, which flows into the compressor impeller along the rotor axis.


2. When the sealing ring or oil throwing ring near the end of the compressor impeller is damaged, the oil enters the impeller chamber, and then enters the combustion chamber along with the pressurized air in the chamber.


Processing methods:

1. Open the compressor outlet or engine intake straight pipe (rubber hose) to see if the pipe orifice and wall adhere to the oil. If yes, please check whether the return tubing of the supercharger is unobstructed. If unobstructed is due to excessive oil accumulation in the middle support, the return tubing should be repaired after dredging.


2. If it is smooth, it is caused by the damage of seal ring or oil throwing ring at one end of impeller. The supercharger should be disintegrated for repair.


Phenomenon 3: Large oil consumption, blue or black smoke exhaust, and power decline.



1. The gap between piston and cylinder is worn too much, and the oil rushes into the combustion chamber and is burned.


2. In the process of air being inhaled by supercharger, air flow meets greater resistance. For example, the air filter plug, the intake tube is sucked and deformed or flattened, etc. The pressure at the intake port of the compressor is low, resulting in oil leakage into the compressor, which enters the combustion chamber together with the compressed air and burns down.


Processing methods:

1. Check whether there is inorganic oil in the wall of the intake straight hose and whether it is flattened, so that the air flow is blocked or the air filter is blocked.


2. If the nozzle and wall of the pipe are organic oil, the air filter should be cleaned or replaced.


There is metal friction sound.


Phenomenon: Black smoke is emitted from exhaust, power decreases, and supercharger has abnormal sound.



1. If there is metal friction sound, it is caused by excessive wear of turbocharger rotor bearing or thrust bearing and friction between impeller and turbocharger shell.


2. If it is not the sound of metal friction, but the sound of air flow, it is due to the high-speed rotation of the turbocharger rotor, resulting in the sound of rotation, or the air leakage at the inlet and exhaust joints due to poor connection.


Processing methods:

(1) The former should be repaired by replacing the damaged spare parts according to the wear condition.

2. The latter should be carefully distinguished and targeted.


Bearing damage

Phenomenon: Supercharger bearing damage, engine power decline, high oil consumption, black smoke, serious when the supercharger can not work.


1. The pressure and flow of lubricating oil are insufficient.

A. insufficient lubricating oil supply for turbocharger journal and thrust bearing;

B. insufficient lubricating oil to keep the rotor journal and bearing floating;

C. The supercharger has been running at high speed, but the lubricant is not supplied in time.


2. Impurities or sediment enter the lubrication system.

3. Oil oxidative deterioration.

A. The diesel engine oil is overheated and there is too much gas flowing through the piston and cylinder wall.

B. Cooling water leaks into oil;

C. improper selection of oil and failure to regularly replace oil as required.


Processing methods:

1. Check whether the lubricating oil pressure is normal and the amount of oil meets the requirements.

2. Change the lubricating oil regularly according to the requirements, and ensure the lubricating oil is clean.

3. Use lubricating oil strictly in accordance with the stipulated requirements, and do not mix it.

4. The engine should be avoided working at high temperature, and the normal working temperature of the engine should be maintained.


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