Turbo charger Rebuild Repair Regrade Kit

2019-05-28 10:25:15

High quality service turbo repair kits designed and manufactured by SHENGYI TURBO. Including all components required for major turbo overhauls. We manufacture all our turbocharger repair kit to meet the quality and precision required for long and reliable service life.

You will get the following parts as the above picture shows from top to bottom:


2.Shaft Nut--1

3.Seal Plate---1

4.Oil Deflector--1

5.Thrust Collar----1

6.Thrust Bearing---1

7.Journal Bearings---2

8.Seal Plate O-Ring----1

9.Thrust Collar Spacer---1

10.Seal Plate Retaining Ring-1

11.Journal Bearing Retaining Rings-4

12.Standard Piston Ring Turbine seal--1

13.Piston Ring Seal(Compressor Side)--1

14.Stepped Gap Piston Ring Turbine Seal--1