Turbo Compressor Wheel

2019-05-28 09:49:03

Performance aftermarket Powerstroke compressor wheels to minimize midrange noise and surge on 7.3 liter 99-2003 Ford. Similarly known as "Wicked Wheels", these wheels feature a "lowered vane" design which increases and

This high performance compressor wheel has been designed to not only reduce turbo noise at mid range RPM, but also virtually eliminates compressor surge (a common problem in 7.3L motors at 1800-2100 RPM).

These wheels feature a "lowered vane" design which increases and improves flow throughout the entire&RPM range. The wheel can be installed in about 1 hour.


Compressor wheel T04B


Compressor wheel TBP4                                    

(1) We manufacture and supply different kinds of compressor wheel for diesel and gasoline engine turbocharger, including Garrett, Holset, KKK, IHI, MHI, Toyota, Komatsu and Cummins series.

(2) We can also produce the parts according to the samples supplied by the customers. Your OEM orders are also warmly welcomed.

(3) Our products have been exported to America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia for turbocharger companies and aftermarket. We have the capacity of manufacturing the parts 100 thousand per year.