Modified turbocharging

2019-09-06 15:20:53

Turbo is a technology to improve the intake capacity of engine. It is a technology that the exhaust gas from the engine drives the turbine to increase the intake and make the engine fuel burn fully, so as to improve the power and horsepower of the engine. Modified turbocharging accessories include: turbocharger, AEM FIC6, exhaust banana, exhaust head section, HKS vent valve, KN intake, intercooler, intercooler pipe, scroll controller, turbine water pipe, turbine inlet and return pipe, turbine pressure gauge, special adjustment program and other accessories.


WUXI SHENGYI TURBO is a professional enterprise producing turbocharger and turbo repair partshas more than 300 turbocharger models for vehicles application as Garrett, Hitachi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Benz, BMW, Audi, Ford, Jeep, Dongfeng .etc. Our turbochargers offer direct replacements to OEM models, also offer customized solutions to our customers. We adopt vanguard technology positively from home and abroad, and have established the long-term technical cooperation with many well-known enterprises. We have passed ISO9001:2000 in September, 2004. Now we own the floor space 5800 square meters. There are more than 50 workers including more than 10 technical staff who has the senior or intermediate title and more than 30 first-line workers who have rich experience in turbocharger. For more information please contact us [email protected]