How to install turbocharger

2019-05-28 10:24:15


Pre-installation preparing:

1.Turn off the engine (The ignitionswitch and the engine crankshaft).

2.Confirm and exclude the problemcausing the old turbocharger breakdown.

3.Clean or replace the engine’s airfilter.

4.Replace the new oil filter and engineoil.

5.Inspection  whether the newturbocharger’s compressor wheel and turbine wheel  without rubbing against theirhousings. When rotating the compressor  wheel or turbine wheel manually, findthe cause and resolve it, if there  is any rubbing or scratching.


Pre-installation checklist:

1.Residual  oil will be kept in thebottom of intercooler if burning oil occurred on  the old turbocharger. Makesure to clean up all the residual oil to  avoid burning oil again on the newturbocharger.

2.It  may be necessary to inspect/replacethe catalyst converter for clogging  due to burnt oil, broken turbine shaft orbroken turbocharger parts. In  some cases a restricted converter will cause highexhaust temperatures  and possibly damage the engine and/or the turbocharger.

3.To  confirm oil return line on normalconditions, not crimped, not plugged  and not restricted. Generally speaking, anew oil supply line is highly  recommended to replace the old one. Oil supplyline will be restricted by  old turbocharger debris or oil coking, which is notchemical  decomposition. Oil supply line damaged the previous turbo, it willdamage  the rebuilt turbo as well.


Turbocharger installation

Install  the turbine wheel to theengine.Before it without connecting the  compressor inlet & oil supply line.Using the new gaskets and O-ring.  Secure the nuts/bolts attaching theturbocharger to the exhaust manifold  using the manufacturers recommendedsettings.

1.Pre-lubrication  by car manufacturerspecified oil. To inject ≥30ml oil into turbocharger  oil inlet, at the sametime to rotate compressor wheel manually. (The  injection recommended byturbocharger/ cartridge manufacturer only for  replacement).

2.Commissioning  the engine. Sart theengine to idle running for 15-20 seconds to exclude  the air in the oil line.And then turn off the engine to connect the oil  feed supply line and oil returnline which oil can smoothly flow through  the turbocharger.

3.Install the air filter. Connect it tothe air inlet of the turbocharger.

4.Install  the exhaust manifold. Connectone to the gas inlet, the other one to be  connected to the gas exhaust of theturbocharger.

5.Install the intercooler (if any) orair feed line. Connect it to the air outlet of turbocharger.

6.If the turbocharger is oil and watercooled model, we need to connect water in line and out line.

7.Commissioning the engine for 3-4minutes to confirm there is no leaking of oil and air.

8.The  turbocharger can be used normally.Please refering to the necessary  attention and maintenance of the carmanufacturer’s instruction to  prolong its life as possible you can.


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