How to distinguish whether the turbocharger is damaged or not

2019-09-16 16:44:23

1. Impeller shaft seal of turbocharger is not good

Fault Phenomenon: Blue smoke from exhaust at idle speed, light and heavy. Driving without blue smoke, oil consumption


2. Serious Blockage of Exhaust Gas Recycling Pipe

Fault Phenomena: Blue smoke from exhaust gas during idling and driving, more serious refueling, large oil consumption.


3. Wear or aging of piston rings, cylinder walls and valve oil seals

Fault Phenomena: Vehicles emit a lot of blue smoke, turbocharger turbine end has abnormal noise, turbocharger turbine end leakage of oil


4. Breakage of Air Conduit of Turbocharger

Fault Phenomenon: Vehicle filling and receiving valves will have a "pull-and-pull" abnormal sound.


V. Bypass Valve Damage of Supercharger

Fault Phenomenon: Everything is normal when the vehicle is on the level road. When the accelerator is increased up the hill, there will be a phenomenon of "artillery" deflation, and the vehicle is powerless.


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