How to Cooperate with Traffic Police in Combating Random Riding Behavior

2019-07-16 13:28:06

At present, public security traffic police departments are conducting pilot work in Putuo and Xuhui regions. Up to now, more than 170 traffic violations have been investigated and punished by this technology. Next, according to the pilot situation, the public security traffic police department plans to use RFID technology in law enforcement management within the city's outer ring line.


Traffic illegal snapping system is mainly composed of four parts


One is the "electronic" number plate, which replaces the original electric bicycle number plate by installing a number plate embedded with electronic chips on the electric bicycle, and collects the relevant information of the vehicle and the owner during the process of licensing.


Secondly, collecting equipment, by laying fixed collecting equipment in express delivery and takeout areas where the traffic violations are high, real-time collecting the trajectory of electric bicycles, so as to determine whether there are traffic violations;


Thirdly, video-assisted, besides using RFID to collect the illegal trajectory of electric bicycle traffic, traffic police departments, combined with road video surveillance equipment, assist the illegal data of electric bicycle collected by RFID to carry out off-site law enforcement work.


Fourth, the data cloud, through the construction of a proprietary data cloud, gathers the basic data information of express and take-out electric bicycles in our city and carries out management work.

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