How do we replace the turbocharger of the diesel generator?

2019-07-03 09:36:01

1. Clean the engine and replace the filter. Remove the dirty oil, add 70% diesel oil and 30% oil to the engine, start the engine running for 3 to 5 minutes to clean the engine and oil duct, and then release. Add proper amount of oil and run for 5 to 10 minutes before releasing. Replace the oil filter and air filter, then filter and add clean lubricating oil to the full scale of the oil gauge, so as to ensure that the engine lubricating oil and oil passage are clean and clean.


2. Check the turbocharger. Check whether the new turbocharger model matches the engine. Turn the turbocharger rotor by hand. If the impeller stagnates or rubs against the casing, install it after finding out the cause.


3. Check whether there is any debris in the compressor intake pipeline and the exhaust pipeline of the turbine front engine in order to prevent the debris from breaking the impeller.


4. Check the inlet and return lines of the supercharger. The inlet and outlet pipelines of supercharger should be clean, and the inlet and outlet pipelines should not be twisted and blocked. If sealed gaskets are used at the inlet and outlet of the supercharger, check whether the gaskets are corroded and deformed, and the gaskets can not block the inlet and outlet.


5. Pre-lubricated supercharger. The turbocharger is installed on the engine and is not connected to the oil pipe for the time being. First, clean oil is added into the turbocharger from the oil inlet of the turbocharger, and the rotor is rotated by hand, so that the bearing of the turbocharger is filled with lubricant, then the oil pipe is connected.


6. Trial operation. When starting a diesel engine, the intake port of the supercharger must show the oil pressure within 3 to 4 seconds to prevent damage of the bearing system of the supercharger due to lack of lubricant. Running for 2 minutes, check whether the rotor rotates smoothly without noise, then stop, observe whether the rotor can run smoothly by inertia, under normal circumstances, about half a minute before stopping.


8. When the engine is under load, the oil pressure must be between 196 and 392 kPa to be safe. When idling, the oil pressure should be no less than 70 kPa.


9. The exhaust back pressure and the pressure drop of the air filter behind the turbine should not exceed 4.9 kPa. The air filter should avoid dampness because the damp filter can increase the pressure drop significantly.


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