How can to do if turbocharge breaks down?

2019-06-13 09:34:09

Now the automobile market is an era of turbines flying all over the world. It seems that cars without turbines feel embarrassed to go out. Turbine augmenter is really a good invention. By increasing the air intake, the engine power can be further squeezed. With the addition of a turbine to a 1.4L small displacement engine, the power of an old self-priming 2.3L engine can be squeezed out. Turbines use automobile exhaust as driving force to increase power while saving energy consumption.


With more and more turbocharged vehicles, there will always be faults. Although the probability is not high, the turbocharger fails and stops working. Can the car still be self-priming? The turbine is broken. What can we do to deal with it? Turbine augmenter has many typical symptoms because of different fault degree, such as turbine exhaust valve failure, general EPC warning lights will be on, the car over 2000 revolutions, the speed rise is weak, the power drop is serious, 2000 revolutions, or low revolutions, the car still has some power; second, the turbine solenoid valve failure, car acceleration may appear abnormal sound (if sharp whistle); Turbine augmenter completely lost its work, not only acceleration is not smooth, there is no power to speak of, but also may cause abnormal sound of exhaust, aggravated pollution, increased fuel consumption, automobile jitter and other malfunctions. As for some friends who think that the turbocharger is broken, there is no more than a pressure device, other intake is normal, can the car continue to use as self-priming? This idea is certainly unrealistic. Turbocharger is broken, there is only one way, that is, only to open to the automobile repair plant for maintenance, it is impossible to continue to let the engine work with illness, let alone as self-priming. If the turbocharger fails, its power performance will be much worse than that of the self-priming engine with the same displacement. For example, if the 1.4T turbocharger fails, its power will be far less than that of the self-priming 1.4L engine. Secondly, if the turbocharger fails, the air-fuel ratio of the engine will be wrong, the proportion of mixture will be out of balance, the mixture combustion will be insufficient, a large amount of carbon deposition will be generated, the fuel consumption will increase sharply, and the exhaust emissions will exceed the standard. The blockage of ternary catalytic converter and the carbon pollution of oxygen sensor are both the "disasters" caused by the large amount of carbon deposition in exhaust gas.


In fact, self-priming engine and turbocharged engine have different adjustment routines, and their engine parameters and ECU settings are quite different. Generally, the self-priming engine is the pressing power, and the compression ratio is often adjusted higher, while the turbocharged engine is relatively conservative in order to reduce the probability of detonation. So, in any case, if the turbocharged engine does not work, it will never be self-priming. But one thing is certain, the turbocharger is not so fragile, nor is it very vulnerable to damage, and the life of the turbine can theoretically be the same as that of the engine. Compared with the turbocharger "stop working" fault, the turbine oil leakage fault is more likely to occur.



So, if the turbocharger fails and stops working, the car can't continue to drive. If it is forced to drive, it can also drive, but the damage to the engine is very great. Because only a little impulse, the engine mixture can not be fully burned, resulting in a large amount of carbon deposit, and even cause exhaust smoke, carbon deposit is very harmful to the engine. If the turbine breaks down, all you have to do is go to the garage to repair or replace the turbocharger in time.


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