Five steps to check the power shortage caused by turbocharger failure

2019-09-09 15:15:17

"Vehicles run fast all by the headband"! As the core component of the engine, supercharger provides efficient power support for the engine. For various reasons, trucks sometimes have insufficient power. Today, we will focus on the diagnosis and elimination of the turbocharger part, which is the insufficient power of the vehicle.


Common phenomena of insufficient engine power


The new machine just bought considers that the power is insufficient, which is mostly caused by the initial configuration of the engine rather than the failure.


The problem of insufficient power when accelerating and changing load is found after using for a period of time.


Cause analysis of power shortage


Vehicle power shortage is a comprehensive problem, which is affected by vehicle system configuration and actual operating conditions, and is closely related to engine fuel supply system, electronic control system, intake system, etc. If power shortage occurs, the causes of failure should be checked in accordance with the engine manual guidance sequence.


This part focuses on fault diagnosis and elimination of turbocharger.


Diagnosis and elimination of insufficient power


Supercharger troubleshooting steps


1. Check whether the external parts of the supercharger are damaged. If damaged, please replace the supercharger.


2. Check whether the turbocharger impeller is damaged by foreign bodies, if damaged, please replace the turbocharger, and check whether the intake system has impurities.


3. Check whether the supercharger is scraped and whether the clearance of the supercharger is qualified. If not, replace the supercharger.


4. Inspect the rotating impeller for obvious sticking. If there is obvious sticking, replace the supercharger.


5. Check whether the supercharger regulator is damaged, deformed or artificially modified. If so, replace the supercharger.


If no turbocharger problem is found in the above inspection, the engine power shortage is not caused by the turbocharger, and other parts of the engine should be inspected continuously.


Is there a leak or blockage in the intake and exhaust system?


Whether there are faults in fuel system and components


Whether there is a fault in the transmission system of the whole vehicle


Is there a problem with the criteria for diagnosing insufficient motivation?


The problem of insufficient driving power is related to the whole vehicle system. There are many reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to detect the causes of vehicle faults and avoid misdiagnosis.


The use and maintenance of supercharger is as important as the use and maintenance of vehicles. Therefore, more care should be taken when using supercharger, and good maintenance habits should be formed.


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