Do turbocharged cars require premium gas?

2019-08-23 16:02:51

   Turbochargers enter the Chinese market later than natural aspiration, and their usage is gradually increasing in recent years. So, many friends have their own experience in using turbocharged vehicles. So, are these sets of experience useful?


Do turbocharged vehicles have to have high-grade gasoline?

You can refer to the owner's manual. At a glance, you can see clearly what kind of oil is suitable for use. Many turbocharged car manufacturers also recommend adding No. 92 gasoline.

Vehicle fuel is mainly determined by the compression ratio of the engine. The higher the compression ratio is, the higher the anti-knock level is required, and the higher the fuel label is.


Do you need a hot train to start?

Many people believe that turbocharged engines are cooled by oil. Vehicles are just starting in winter, and the oil temperature is not enough, which will cause damage to the engine!


But many technicians have denied this statement! It is also pointed out that idle hot cars will only increase exhaust emissions and carbon deposition, and will not have any benefits for the maintenance of vehicle turbines.


Parking, can you put out the fire right away?

After a long run, the car can't extinguish immediately. Idle 3-5 minutes! Does this statement make sense?

The early method of reducing water temperature by turbocharger was mechanical water pump cooling, which stopped working after flameout. So it takes three to five minutes to drive! But now, most of them use electronic pumps to cool down. After the battery is out of power, there is still electricity to cool it. In addition, there are many ways to cool the turbine in the course of driving. So there is no need to idle.


Turbines work only at high speeds?

In fact, this is not the case. All turbocharged vehicles will not be adjusted exactly the same. However, the turbine has an intervening speed range. For example, some vehicles'turbines intervene at about 2000 rpm, and the lowest is 1100 rpm. Therefore, even in congested roads, turbocharger will bring some help to accelerate!

Do you have to choose the right oil?
Indeed, turbocharged vehicles, oil must follow the manufacturer's instructions! Turbocharger is really a little "fragile"! Unlike natural aspiration, turbocharged engines are designed to be filled with oil between the turbine and the engine body. If the lubrication is not good, it is really not good!

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