Compression function

2019-05-28 09:32:35

In the search for power reserves in a turbo loader, the turbine is not the only part optimised. The "cold side", the compressor, is also included in the  optimisation. Although compressor housings were simple castings until a couple of years ago, not least because aluminium was the material used, today, they have developed into more demanding parts, fulfilling far more than just the compression function.

Different channel geometries and combinations may be obtained close to production by direct milling of the molding material for the outer DMM®-mold segments and laser-sintering for the Direct Croning®-cores. These geometries and combinations may be physically checked in the shortest possible time. The prototypes themselves have characteristics commensurable with those of the series parts. This way, they permit conclusions without the need for investment in modelling equipment.

Making use of these technologies, the customer was not only able to dramatically diminish the time necessary for engineering, but also to react to the change in its own final customer's requirements with variants and in a short period of time. This is a considerable factor in the customer's ongoing growth within the business line. Purposeful investment in prototypes enhances its competitive position, ensures new series production orders and precludes failures in series production.