Analysis of Blocking Fault of Supercharger

2019-09-12 16:23:19

The diesel engine runs at low speed and high load. When the diesel engine fails or the ship is full loaded, the top wind and the dirty bottom increase the external load, the speed of the diesel engine decreases. At this time, the governor automatically increases the fuel supply to make the diesel engine run at low speed and high load. The increase of fuel supply and exhaust energy will inevitably lead to the increase of turbocharger speed, compressor exhaust volume and exhaust pressure. At this time, the diesel engine has low speed and low gas consumption, which breaks the balance between supply and demand of supercharger and diesel engine. Compressor back pressure increases and flow decreases, which results in


When entering the low temperature sea area, the air density becomes higher because of the lower ambient temperature, the compressor intake volume increases, the energy obtained by the turbine increases, the turbocharger speed increases, the matching line moves to the lower position, and the surge margin increases; when entering the high temperature sea area, on the contrary, the surge margin decreases and the surge margin is prone to occur. For some turbocharged diesel engines without air cooler, which are matched by naval vessels in the low-temperature navigation area, or in the high-temperature navigation area, when the turbocharged diesel engine with air cooler navigates in the low-temperature sea area, because of the change of the matching relationship between them, the operating point is prone to approach the surge area and cause surge.


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